Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Oaks Park

The kiddie roller coaster at Oak's park is a jarring experience

We thought about going to the State Fair on Labor Day, but opted instead for Oaks Park, Portland’s small, local amusement park.  Apparently, most of Portland had the same idea.  Also, several unions were having their Labor Day picnics on the park grounds.  This all made for a sea of people unlike I have ever seen before at this location.  Who’d of thought that one could wait an hour on line to ride the little kid’s roller coaster—but we did, as well did a lot of other people.  For a small ride, this coaster really throws you around.  Anika, my daughter, hid her face the whole way.  My camera almost flew off my neck a couple of times and my wife, Summer, waited for us at the gate. 

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Almost Got Away

This bug almost made it.

I’ve always liked carnivorous plants.  On our deck are growing a few post of pitcher plants, sundew and venus flytrap.  This insect triggered one of the traps and was almost able to escape.  But the plant had closed on its abdomen.  After that, the bug never had a chance. 

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