Thursday, October 02, 2008

I never knew that dogs were a contentious issue in urban neighborhoods

mail man
Jamie Partridge has worked as a mail carrier for 24 years. During his career he's been bitten 12 times.

I was recently working on a story about dogs and gentrification for my local paper, the Portland Sentinel (read it here
One of he people I met was Jamie, pictured above.  He works as a mail carrier in Northeast Portland.  Recently he was severely injured when he was mauled.  He says the dog that did it still lives on his route. 

Another man I met said that he never puts his dog on a leash just to prove that nothing is going to happen.
Not owning a dog myself, I’ve been pretty unaware of the tension and fear that dogs in the city can cause.

Sorry for missing posts last week—I’ve been sick, but am feeling much better now.

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